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Trayvon Martin Shooting Peace Rally

Members of the Emory Community,

Needless to say, the evolving details in the Florida case involving the shooting of Trayvon Martin are deeply disturbing. As you may know, 17-year-old Trayvon was shot to death while returning to his father’s house (in a gated community) after a brief walk to the store to buy candy. It is especially troubling that George Zimmerman, the man who confronted and shot the unarmed Martin, was not arrested.


Since the recent release of the blood-curdling 911 recordings, there has been a growing national public outcry over this tragedy. Petitions are being circulated requesting that the U.S. Department of Justice investigate. On Thursday, March 22, the Rev. Al Sharpton and other leaders will hold a rally in Florida to focus attention on the case.


Community leaders here in Atlanta are organizing a local rally to be held in concert with the Florida event. The rally will be held at Providence Baptist Church at 7 p.m. The church is located at 2295 Benjamin E, Mays Dr., SW, Atlanta, Ga. 30311.


For more information, contact Marcus Coleman, president of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Action Network, at (678) 732-0405<tel, or (404) 964-1223<tel:(PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FLYER)


I believe firmly that members of the Emory community need to take part in this important effort. If you are interested in participating in the rally, use social networks and spread the word. We will depart from behind the Dobbs University Center at 6 p.m. on Thursday. If you need a ride or would like to offer transportation, please contact us.


Below are two Emory students helping coordinate logistics and transportation:


Katherine Matthews (414) 213-9351 (kdmatth@emory.edu<mailto:kdmatth@emory.edu>)


Treasure Arthur (678) 536-8026<tel:%28678%29%20536-8026> (tcarthu@emory.edu<mailto:tcarthu@emory.edu>)


Feel free to contact me as well




Nathan McCall


Department of African American Studies

(404) 909 2687 (nmccall@emory.edu<mailto:nmccall@emory.edu>)

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